Why this matters

Many of us have been affected by suicide in some way – whether it’s ourselves, a loved one, or someone we know. Suicide is of concern to all of us. It is a leading cause of death among young people, and men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women. Yet we still find it difficult to talk about suicide. Now is the moment for change.

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Words are powerful things

Words can stigmatise, divide and isolate. But they can also reassure, inform and help. Saying the word suicide isn’t a trigger, it can help save a life. We need to be confident to say suicide when we’re talking about it. We need to feel confident to connect someone to the right support.

We also need to be open, honest and non-judgemental. This is breaking down barriers, not building them. We know that talking saves lives – and the best strategy to prevent suicides is for all of us to feel comfortable to talk about it.

Share your story.

A brand new 30 second film has been co-produced with people of lived experience and will feature across TV, video on demand and digital channels.

Focused on the difficulty of saying the word, suicide, the powerful and authentic words in the film are from real experiences and voiced by the very people who told us their story.

Ask, Tell – A healthy conversation

This animation gives practical tips on how and when to have compassionate conversations with people who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts or mental distress.

Ask, Tell – Every life matters

This animation explores the issue of suicide and provides facts about suicide in Scotland. Most importantly it helps build confidence to listen, talk and take action.

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